Weddings Photography Is a Tree

April 29, 2016

Like a tree is made up of all its branches and leaves, wedding photography is the nature of photography where all streams of photography come into roll together. Portrait photography plays an important part as we all know. Fashion photography comes into the frame where bridal portraits are clicked creatively with the beautiful wedding dresses. Grooms too likes to pose, dressing up in the wedding outfits which will be remembered life long. Then the nature of sports photography drives in where situation becomes chaotic with fast movements of the surrounding people along with the bride & the groom during the hectic rituals of the Indian weddings. The moments missed is missed for the lifetime. Photo journalism is there throughout as full documentation of the whole wedding is being carried out narrating a story. Want to have your jewellery & accessories to be photographed beautifully? Well product photography knowledge is needed mate. What's missed out? Wild life photography. Well a lot & lot patience needed to get the perfect shot waiting for the perfect moment composing the perfect frame in the situation where 2+2 may not be 4. And yes Indian weddings are marathon and sometimes we are without sleep for 48 hours. The true music starts from the end of the shoot. Editing hundreds and hundreds of photographs worn out the vertebral column.   Therefore a wedding photographer is always a multitask-er with terabytes of thought going in the mind as well as the hectic physical stress.



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